Bugisu washed Arabica Coffee

Delivering the Best Arabica coffee as per our customers request.

Farm Washed Coffee

We make sure the coffee does not come in contact with dust or any other thing which can contaminate it. Having reached moisture 13 from the sun, it’s then packed in clean bags and transported.

Washing Station Coffee

Due to the need to supply high and consistent quality coffee to our buyers, we have set up 3 bigger coffee washing stations

Women's Coffee

Our women’s coffee project is enabling us to achieve greater equality in our relationships and helping us to shape our futures. Many of us now have a proportion of the family land in our right for the first time and we are also members of Gumutindo.


We are a cooperative of 7,660 small holder expert coffee farmers.

We live and farm on the misty ridges and in the lush upland valleys of Africa’s largest, extinct volcano: the majestic Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

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Right from the coffee fields to the cup, Quality is not compromised

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